03 August 2006

Stay Away From Me

Perhaps I should have that tattoed on my forehead.

I'm a nutcase.

I try to keep in mind the stuff I've been telling my friends about this whole love thing. I really think I should listen to my own advice. Arrggh.

What have I been doing that keeps messing up my lovelife --- uh, if you can ever call it that --- because it's really pissing me off. I've become a magnet. I tend to attract guys alright. But they're the type who won't commit. What is it about me that repels them so? Am I clingy? Too bloody insecure?

Puh-leez! I've been accused of being such an intimidating woman that it will never come a surprise to friends when guys can't seem to get pass looking at me.


Frustrating. It is! I mean, I'm not that bad. But I'm well-aware that I'm not that good either. I'm, what I'd like to think, a well-balanced person, short of being insane, maybe. Hehehe.

Am I too proud? One guy told me so. He said I tend to assume a lot of things about a person. Well --- I'm open for corrections. The question is, will you be man enough to defend yourself? I mean, it's not like I came up with that conclusion without supporting arguments. I'm not narrow-minded nor am I stupid.

Another guy said that I'm arrogant, too. But what if I tell them it's just a defence mechanism? I reckon I have every right to protect myself from guys who are out to use and *aherm* abuse me. I admit. I got burnt bad. But I know what I'm worth now so I am free to expect certain things. And that's not just being picky.

Is it wrong to think that if the guy is serious with me, he won't be easily affected by all these? I'd like to think he's built strong enough to deal with the likes of me. Besides, I'm actually pretty friendly once you get to know me anyway. Though, it will take a bit of time before I can trust you. I'm a bit, uh, suspicious of people.

I have a good reason for that. And I'm no heart-breaker. That much I know for certain.

So, if you're just out for a good time or just curious about me, I'm telling you right now --- stay away from me. Not unless you're a masochist. You'll sure get hell from me. Hahaha.


  1. Seems like guys find you intimidating.

    Next time try going out with a lawyer. Those bastards are hard to intimidate.

  2. That's a novel idea. I can picture the endless debates on every date we'd have. Wonder who'll win. Ha. ;)