27 February 2007

Trouble with Time

What is the point in arguing over it?

It's like an endless tug-o-war --- both excerting maximum effort --- surprisingly gives us a tension that somewhat feels so brittle and yet it's not.

Learning. It requires time. Patience, needed with time. Wisdom, grows with time.

I hope that all this fuss and whinging about time is not a waste of time.

03 February 2007

Mum is the Word

What words can best describe the suppressed disappointment?

How can you explain how your thoughts turn to the past?

How do you say you've somehow regretted?

Is it good to say you're lonely?

How can you ever tell him that inside, there's this emptiness you long to fill? Or the incessant echoes of pain?

Sometimes --- it's better not to say anything at all.