21 November 2011

Dream Notes: L - 20Nov2011

I found you seated on the couch at the family den when I came out of my room. "What were you doing in my house?" I had asked myself, suppressing all the possible alarming answers I dared not hope to be true.

In my surprise, I had called out your name with a question mark twice as if to check whether I was dreaming that you were really there and 'twas your voice I had heard.

It seems too much to handle at some point that I had closed my eyes to gather my wits. Torn between the misery of the mysterious visit and the bliss of you.

Yet the irony of it all was that when I did finally open my eyes, I knew I had dreamt it all.

Certainly, I didn't expect I'd dream of you.

05 November 2011

10.29 Post-Corona

In a drunken stupor I scream amidst the defining sounds. I'd rather wish I'm there with you.

04 November 2011

Passing thoughts, Pt 1

Perhaps I'm meant to be with someone who will walk me to my door.

14 October 2011

Have we met?

Someone told me a long time ago that we have. Yet here I am, seemingly finding it hard to believe that I had taken little notice of our encounter and forgotten.

Have we truly met?

I wish I paid enough attention.

29 September 2011


"I didn't know you can write," he said.

"Uh, yea --" she started to say, "my parents made sure I grew up literate."

Well done, Sherlock.

22 September 2011

Er, hi..?

Toying with the idea.. Why not? This might just be the sort of thing I need right now.

So, armed with a number of crazy anecdotes and entertaining stories -- part idiotic, part skilled genius, haha -- that I've collected over the past couple of years, I'm sort of back.

Yes, it's still bloody silly.