27 December 2005

The past is where it should be.

I'm not the only one who has experienced an ex-flame haunting the present. It's always awkward, right? You'll feel a mixture of resentment and embarrassment in this occurence. Also, your head will then entertain a series of "what-if" scenarios and endless reel of playbacks about bad times in the relationship.

However, it goes the same with situations where you wanted "out" but are trapped in the other person's need for a so-called closure. I write this because I recently experienced this exact thing. I just let him think what he wants to think and let him say what he wanted to say, just to get it over with. And I thought it was only women who need closure. I guess I was wrong then. Hehe.

I'm not gonna bore you with all the details. I just found it funny because he sounded like the wounded party during the conversation when in reality he was the one who did the leaving and disappearing, I mean, he said he was still bitter about it and had the audacity to be angry even after being such a jerk and an asshole in ending things with me! Hahaha. He was the one who chose to end it, on my birthday, mind you! Anyway, I was hurt and angry for a while but I realized that I really didn't want to be with him, anyway. That's why I almost married someone else after that [which didn't work out either! Teeheehee.].

Anyhoo, my message to the guy: "get over yourself! I've moved on several times over, you should, too! I don't really care if you really did love me. It's irrelevant now."

Now, I've learned that once dropped, I'd rather not pick it up again no matter how much they claim that love can be sweeter the second time around. That cliche didn't turn out to be real for me. Yea, it's a been there, done that kind of thing. It's good to note, though, that I'm referring to the second try with my first love. Now that was a huge mistake! Hahaha. Oh, well. The past is where it should be, anyway.

To all the ex-flames, good riddance, I'd say.

16 December 2005

Fact or Myth: Women are High Maintenance Creatures

It has been in my mind time and time again. Is it really true that men really believe that all females are high maintenance people, relationship-wise? Why do I keep hearing guys describe women this way claiming that this is one of the major reasons for not considering a relationship with them? I am baffled.

What I do know to be a fact is that women are known to be emotional creatures. They will forever search for that connection with men. Seeking the warmth and attention, a.k.a. Love, that a male partner can accordingly give based on the level of need. Yes, unfortunately, it can be subjective. Teehee.

I want to argue that not all women are materialistic or, to put it more crudely, gold-diggers. I believe most are just individuals who have simple needs and money, though hard to believe, is irrelevant. However, there are the ones who see money-clad men seemingly angelic and satisfyingly charming like all princes in faerie tales. Of course, all princes are undoubtedly rich, right? I reckon these women simply just dream to be princesses. Oh, if only faerie tales are true. Hehe.

However, if I try to look at it in a different angle, I can't help but ask, is it wrong to be practical? Should this want for money create a malicious reputation for the girl? And if you are living a comfortable life, or a luxurious one for that matter, will you choose to be with someone who will fail to provide such things over someone who won't? Love should be present within the relationship, I'm sure you'd tell me, but what if it is without question that you do love both equally and the decision is on your consideration of the financial capabilities of these men?

Dilemma. Dilemma.

Case in point, women in relationships don't really look at the money but on what the entire package is. Sure, a man with dough has an advantage but it will not seal the deal on the spot. The wisdom of it is money cannot give you the satisfation of waking up next to the man you want to look at lying next to you every morning for the rest of your life nor the man you want to embrace into your life, knowing he can support you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. A real commitment is, after all, a union of kindred spirits, mutual friendship and trust, and over-all compatibility and it's not just about paper and plastic, conjugal property and social status. If it is the latter, which a woman will find more important then you can go ahead and classify her under the "High Maintenance Creatures" list and I pity the man who is blinded by her charm [and believe me, they will come wrapped in ribbons and frills] and who refuse to heed reason, thus, he ends up with her. Hahaha.

Ack. It's safe not to make generalisations and assumptions. Consider the subject dropped. Hehe.

11 December 2005

One-Track Mind

Is it really true that men have only one thing on their mind when it comes to women? It's horrible if it's true.

I already wrote something about this a while ago and it's found here. And I just read it again today when someone left a comment. It's funny how he claims that apparently guys suffer the same ordeal that girls do. Well, if we're talking about looking for a good or right partner, that is. I'm sure men aren't troubled with being targeted by women who are just after the physical pleasures of dating or are they?. Haha.

I'm not going to say that it's easier for men to date even if they hardly do get emotionally attached to the women they go out with. It's just that if I try to speak for all the women out there, though I might misrepresent a number of them, I reckon it's unfair and hurtful to be treated like an object and be subjected to ridicule when seduced. We are often labeled as stupid idiots for trusting a guy too much or too little. It's confusingly frustrating to play the game of cat and mouse, more commonly known as dating. Hehe.

It's heart-breaking, really. If you grew up thinking that men are like the princes in faerie tales and love stories have the "happily ever after" endings, then waking up to the realities of dating and relationships will really break your illusion of what love is. Or perhaps it's better that way, huh?

08 December 2005

Clingy Men

I don't know about other women but I'm not very keen on clingy men. I find them too, uh, sticky for lack of a better term. Teehee. They come across as being too soft to be a real man. I guess I prefer my man to be the "strong, bad boy type" which sometimes spells trouble most of the time. Sheesh.

Anyway, to further elaborate on the clingy-ness of a man, I'd define it as something -- er, someone who's too mushy. Man, shouldn't that be reserved for women? The female specie are the ones who are expected to be extra sweet and uh, let's say, gooey. Hahaha. Well, I've always thought so anyway.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I like my man to be less dependent on me for attention. Don't get me wrong, I like getting his attention, putting emphasis on 'getting', which signifies the action needed to acquire such. I see it as a challenge on my part and once I get what I want, I like the satisfying feeling of getting it. This also means that the guy will be willing to give it, too, of course.

It is hard to peg, the over-all personality of the guy I like, I mean. It boils down to his principles in life, I believe. I'm thinking that the more he has experienced life and explored the world, the more he has to offer me. And I reckon, the more the guy can surprise me, the more I'd find him attractive. Oh, well. Where is he? Hehe.

05 December 2005

Patience is not a virtue

... that I have. Hehe.

Well, at least, not yet. I believe it'll take a lifetime to learn it. You know why? I reckon when you're dead, that's the only time you can actually admit that you've reached the end. It's similar to what Plato said,
"Only the dead will see the end of the war." --- PLATO
I just came across it last night when I caught the movie, Black Hawk Down, on telly. Interesting thought, eh?

Yea, I know I'm being literal but what can I say? It is frustrating not to be a patient person. Especially if it feels like that you've been waiting for that certain something since God knows when and you've tried to sit tight and just let things happen.

Well, I am trying you know but it is difficult at times. Being patient, I mean. So, this is one of those days when I'm ranting about how time flies by too quickly for some things and too slow for others. All I can do is sigh in resignation. There's not much I can do after all.

02 December 2005

Sadness overtakes me sometimes...

Well, it is the truth.

I do wonder sometimes how I ended up still a single when my last relationship was a good 5 years ago. I know. It's been that long, huh? Uh, it's not like I haven't really entertained the idea of finding myself a guy, I have --- several times. It just doesn't seem to work out. Friends did say that I need not worry because I will meet him one day. Oh, yes. They speak of the Right Time [remember the usual reason, "it's just wrong timing when I met him/her" blah.] as if there is such a thing. How can you really know if it is the right time? You'd know, most people would say, like it really answers the question. Ugh. I give up.

I try to be optimistic about it and I do admit that it is fun being single, however, I do seek the constancy of having a partner whom you can rely on for your emotional [and yea, physical] needs. Oh, well... it's just one of those days that sadness of what I think I lack overtakes me. Join my pity party, why don't you? Haha.

What the bloody hell is wrong with me? Oh, just sod it.

Daily Toon

I just added Andertoons in my blog. I particularly find the Marriage Cartoons funny. I wonder why. Oh, no. Don't mistake it for my being a cynic about it, I'm not, really. Haha. I still believe that happiness can be found in marriage. Anyway, I hope you'd enjoy it as much as I do.

28 November 2005

Frida's Story

I attended a barbeque hosted by my brother-in-law's colleague over at Aldinga Beach yesterday. That's where I met Frida. She's a Greek-Aussie, that's an Australian with Greek origins, by the way. She looks forty-ish but is actually 60 years old, married to Blondieª a mother of 2 daughters and with 2 grandchildren. She was fascinating.

I was fortunate to be part of the group to whom she relayed her very cute love story.
Frida grew up in a very traditional Greek Family in Australia, which means they're very conservative and strict. She had 4 other sisters and they werem't allowed to go out with boys. They were oftenly accompanied by their father to wherever they wish to go. The night she saw Blondie was an example of such a situation.

Frida and her sisters, together with their father, went to the cinema. She saw a man with blond hair, which explains the nick name Blondie, and immediately took a liking to him. She was totally smitten, she told us. But the guy didn't notice her at all. Since they were not allowed to chat up any guy, the night passed without any hope of meeting this man. So she went home disappointed but still exhilirated with the feelings she have for this guy,which seem to be growing steadily even if she hardly knew him.

Frida would occasionally see the man around town but failed meet or speak to him for fear of her father. She just spoke of Blondie and her feelings for him to her mom, claiming that she has fallen in love with this man.

Few weeks later, one of her sisters come rushing into the house one day bearing news about who else bought the shop across their house but Blondie, himself. Frida couldn't believe it until she saw him move in and set up the shop, herself. She was deliriously happy.

Soon after the shop opened, she would always make an excuse to buy Fish and Chips from his shop, even if they're having Roast for dinner. She'd claimed that she prefers Fish and Chips instead and of she went to buy them herself. This gave her the opportunity to get to know Blondie better. They graduated from the usual greetings to occasional conversations about each other's interests, one of those were the music that they listen to. He started lending her his albums until she had quite a few in her room that she listens to.

However, here comes the day when Frida's father caught wind of what was going on and went to speak to her about it. Well, it was more like her father telling her that she wasn't allowed to speak to Blondie or go to his shop ever again. She was devasted but she knew she had to obey her father but she requested that she'd return all the Blondie's albums, which were still with her.

And that she did. Frida went to the shop bearing the albums and upon seeing him, she placed them on the counter and said, "I'm just returning your albums. Good-bye." The confused Blondie asked her to wait and tell him what it meant. She couldn't begin to explain but she did her best. He then told her, "You must know that I have feelings for you. And if it's alright with you then I will ask your father for your hand in marriage ." She was 19, he was 21.
And they've been married for 32 years. Amazing, isn't it? Seeing them together yesterday, I can say that they still love each other very much. It was a wonderful sight and very encouraging for a single woman like me.

Yes, folks, this is a true story. Can you imagine meeting your future life partner in the most commonest of places? And even if you are in a hopeless situation, it wouldn't hinder love from happening. Frida and Blondie never went on a date, never had that long-engagement or even have the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but it worked out anyway.

I really enjoyed hearing this story.

ªNot his real name

26 November 2005

The List

Earlier, I had a conversation with my sister involving a list. Sounds interesting? Well, to a prospective suitor [mine], he'll definitely love the idea of knowing what I'm looking for in a partner. Makes his job a whole lot easier, huh? Not.

Yea, this list is aptly called, Wanted: A Lifetime Partner. Just for kicks, a silly idea came to mind that I wanted to write down and it's something like this...

Position Applying For : Lifetime Partner [Husband]

Will be reporting directly to : Me [haha!]

Basic Requirements:
    Male, 28-35 years old, Christian, Bachelor's Degree [this means you have to be smart enough to keep up], 5'8" or taller, Healthy and Athletic, Responsible, Resourceful, Creative and Innovative, Excellent Communication Skills [good listening skills, concise and clear speech], Dry, Witty and Sarcastic Humor is acceptable, Excellent Grooming [looks and smells clean], Works with minimal supervision [translation: not a momma's boy], Decisive [means you can make decisions!], Diligent, Results-oriented, Willing to travel when required, Good Driving and Navigation skills is a plus.
Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Effectively deliver and facilitate intelligent conversations in support of dates to ensure superior entertainment; specifically and especially during bad days or PMS periods.

  • Provide basic support for emotional, physical, intellectual and financial needs, and adhere to developed life agenda/timelines and content flow.

  • Advise on continuation of partner's eligibility for suitors.

  • Monitor the relationship progress for the duration of the engagement then continues on to marriage, providing coaching and developmental feedback.

  • Facilitate transition of partner from singleness to married life, ensuring competency levels are sufficient.

  • Maintain updated personal and marital course materials and course masters.

  • Prepare all delivery support tools used during engagement and married life.

  • Understand relationship facilitation, methodology, approaches, and bedroom delivery strategies.

  • Maintain product knowledge for each account by taking and making calls and/or sms, attending and making dates, side by side observations, and healthy monitoring of partner's whereabouts.

  • Research information [not alibis] for each accounted incident by attending partner meetings and periodic calibration sessions.

  • Support and participate in continuous improvement initiatives, as applicable.

  • Participate in special projects or other involvement as required by relationship needs.

Interested and Eligible Suitors are advised to just leave a comment.

Interview invitations and status updates will be posted on the comments section of this entry so please check the blog regularly.

Previous Applicants need not apply.

That was hilarious. I had fun doing that. Teeheehee.

23 November 2005

One Fine Date

I just had to write about this date I had with a mid-twenty-ish Irish Brit who happens to look like Colin Farrell but to my brother-in-law, it's Herschel Gibbs of South Africa's Cricket Team. No, I'm not kidding. I met him a month ago when he came up to me in Norwood and introduced himself and this date I'm referring to happened a few weeks ago.

He took me to Hindmarsh Stadium to watch a real Soccer match. It was so special since it was my first time to see one. Thinking about it makes me wish I can go see the match this coming Sunday. Oh, well.

I wrote something about the experience here and now I'm writing about the "date" part, I guess. You should see the smirk I have on my face as I write this and the occasional laugh. Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the guy but on my thoughts about the entire date per se.

Overall Date Rating: 3½ smilies
    It's a novel experience for someone like me and I sure had fun, I'll give it that and the company wasn't so bad. But it wasn't well planned and the weather didn't actually cooperate.

Romance Factor: 3 smilies
    You have to admit, if you think of romance, you'd think of candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach, or anything along this line, not sport-related activities. It's the thought of sharing something new and different with someone you're just getting to know, which gives it the smilies.

Guy Points: 2½ smilies
    He's really interesting, fun to talk to and not bad to look at. The fact that he came up with the idea himself was a good thing. And sports and women don't exactly mix because often times, it's typically something that guys share with their mates so his taking me to it was another good thing. Giving him the halfway mark simply means that he just wasn't able to capture my 100% interest.

Location: 4½ smilies
    The place wasn't shabby, I must admit. It didn't have a stifling kind of atmosphere even with the crowd so it created a fun one. I found the place wonderful because of the over-all effect of the experience on me.

We ended it with a bottle of VB back in the city before saying our farewells for the evening. Yea, it was one of the finest dates I've ever been in. It compensated for what the guy lacked in so many respects but he is a good guy. We were both just heading in different directions.

Ack. I wasn't really considering him now, was I? I am glad it didn't work out. Anyway, I do believe that in every failed attempt comes better options.

22 November 2005

On Meeting Someone New

Recalling that moment when you first see him, your mind would suddenly produce several questions that somehow you find hard to find any answer to. Not unless you do get to really meet this guy and get a few answered. I'm sure it can be attraction or plain curiosity that will push you to take that second look.

Don't be afraid to do something out of character especially when you're an alien to a place or situation. It's taking that chance, which will give you that opening big enough for you to say if it's something worthwhile. May it be that you approach him and strike up a conversation or he comes up and talks to you, just let it happen. Imagine the possiblities.

It is true that the best way to go about this is by being yourself. There's no harm in letting him see who you truly are. I know it's sometimes difficult because you'll probably be thinking that he wouldn't like you. Perhaps he wouldn't like you that way you want him to but you might get a friend out of this situation. Why would you want him to get to know someone who you're not? Even if he does like that person, it'll be tough keeping up the act, won't it? Well, it's not the end of the world if he doesn't like you. Believe me, if that is the case then there's something about that person that is not worth any extra effort.

It's true that strangers will remain strangers unless each would open up and let the other into their lives. Remember that it's a risk that you're both taking. So, it's wrong to think that you're in a more vulnerable position. This is not a contest after all.

21 November 2005

I went on a blind date.

Well, I did! Well, it wasn't totally a blind date where you haven't a clue on how the guy looks like. I had an idea because I saw his photo online. Yea, he's someone I met online. Crazy stuff, huh? Anyway, I just met him for drinks [I had Iced Tea, alright?] so I can get to know him properly.

It's just one of the things I'm venturing into these past few months. I wouldn't really recommend meeting people you've met online especially if it's through one of those personals kind of thing-ies. It's dangerous. But if you do decide to go ahead with the meet-up then just keep in mind the following:
  • Let somebody know who you're going with and where,

  • Make the meeting place really public,

  • It's a good idea to go as a group especially if you're having doubts about the guy's credibility. It's not a crime to take pre-cautionary measures!

  • Never accept an offer for a ride home or even to get into that guy's car. It's wise to be wary of such things especially in disclosing where you live [you wouldn't want to end up with a stalker, right?], and

  • Always make the initial meeting a casual one like a lunch, dinner or coffee date. This also applies for all first dates. The main reason for the date is to get to know him and you wouldn't be able to do that inside the cinema now, would you?
  • I have to admit, I've made mistakes with a couple of my first dates but I've made some wise decisions, too. The great thing about my newly-found dating life is that I'm discovering a whole new side of me, which I didn't realy realize was there. Also, I'm getting into contact with different kinds of people, which is pretty interesting, really. It's actually a good thing.

    I also met a few people who became good friends soon after meeting them. So, I'm glad I decided to meet them in person. Otherwise, I would've missed out on creating friendships with these guys. But I've learned to really be cautious of certain types, though, especially the ones who are just particularly keen on how attractive I am to them, which somehow sums up their real interest in seeking my friendship. I basically can tell what exactly they have in mind. Truthfully, I'd tell them to "bugger off, you stupid idiot!" if given the chance.

    As a whole, it's quite an interesting experience. It's risky but it's part of its charm, I guess.

    18 November 2005

    Anatomy of a Chat

    No, I'm not going to dissect what it is to chat. Teeheehee. But I am going to talk about a chatting incident, though.

    Have you ever exprienced being bombarded with anonymous IMs while you're online? Ugh. It's highly annoying! What are these guys thinking whenever they do this?

    Interestingly though, I took a chance and decided not to ignore one guy from Newcastle, United Kingdom, named Steve. It was one of those features that they have in Yahoo Personals, wherein you can send an IM to another member if you wanted to. That's what he basically did.

    However, he was using a different Yahoo ID when he started to chat me up. Let me tell how it went:
    stvn_melody is currently not in your Messenger List.
    Add to your Messenger List (Ctrl+Shift+A) Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R)

    stvn_melody has selected the "Personals Connect" IMVironment.

    stvn_melody: Hi there ,how about a 10 ton polar bear ! ?. If that doesn't break the ice, nothing will.!!, Anyway I'm steve, 28, from newcastle(uk), liked your pic/s and profile, wanna chat?

    Click the "Ignore" button above to stop receiving messages from this person.

    stvn_melody: Whaaadddup?!
    angelisophia: let me see your profile first then i'll decide
    stvn_melody: ok, go onto personals, and search for my user name which is m3ls77
    stvn_melody: so? did u find me?
    angelisophia: pulled up a profile of a guy from melbourne and not from newcastle[uk]
    stvn_melody: well thats coz im not from melbourne, im from newcastle, in the uk, im coming to aust next year, hopefully to find a job and stay there, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained
    angelisophia: sure.. i just wonder why your profile didn't automatically pull up when you IM'd me
    stvn_melody: dont, know, maybe its coz im from the uk, so what did u think, wanna talk?
    angelisophia: what do i think? i think you're simply trying to con me
    stvn_melody: hold on
    angelisophia: anyway, aren't we already talking?
    stvn_melody: im not trying to con anyone, i wanted to talk thats all
    stvn_melody: if u still dont beleive me i'll turn on my web cam, so u can see its me sittin here.......
    angelisophia: no worries
    angelisophia: talk away
    stvn_melody: geeze, or you always this cagey, has someone in the past tried to con u or something?
    angelisophia: trying to psycho analyse me now are you?
    stvn_melody: yep, sure am, i wanna know all ya bank details, personall adresses, ni number and where you stashed all those diamonds you daringly escaped with from switzerland....lol
    stvn_melody: not
    stvn_melody: It wasn't me!
    angelisophia: okay... that didn't fly you can try again though
    stvn_melody: what do you mean by didn't fly me?
    angelisophia: the joke
    stvn_melody: lol
    stvn_melody: so is it safe to talk or are you still a bit......
    stvn_melody: Flippy: Growl!
    angelisophia: we are already talking or am i just imagining it?
    stvn_melody: so tell me, where your from?(origionally) and tell your imagination, to behave, yes we are talking..lol
    angelisophia: imagination to steve: quit asking "can we talk now?"
    angelisophia: i'm from manila, philippines originally
    stvn_melody: and ?
    angelisophia: and what?
    stvn_melody: now how did i know you were gonna type that, and nothing.....lovely weather dont u think?
    stvn_melody: are u gettin those audibles ive sent
    angelisophia: depends on what kind of weather you're having..
    stvn_melody: rain rain, cold cold and hey, its raining again lol
    angelisophia: and you call that lovely weather? *smirks*
    stvn_melody: i was onabout yours really, so wanna swop?
    angelisophia: whaa--? sorry but i didn't really understand that bit
    stvn_melody: Nutty: Sugar High!
    stvn_melody: me neither, what i was meanig, was that my weathers is shit, yours is not, so do u wanna swop weathers for a bit(its a joke, just chill will ya)
    stvn_melody: It must be really lonely being you.
    angelisophia: you think?
    angelisophia: let me ask you then
    stvn_melody: dont know, tell me?
    angelisophia: why did you really decide to chat me up?
    stvn_melody: well, your a hot lookin woman...but i dont know how to talk to you, you just seem like your very guarded(no in not tryin to phsco...whatever you out) if you wanna know, then now u do, your a cutie lol
    angelisophia: just as i thought
    angelisophia: no i'm not conceited
    angelisophia: but the only reason guys come up to me is because they see a pretty face
    angelisophia: and that's basically it
    angelisophia: so what if i'm guarded? i have reason enough. guys cannot really be trusted
    angelisophia: guys are guilty until proven innocent --- that's in my book
    angelisophia: if they can't take it, sod off
    angelisophia: ;)
    stvn_melody: so, whats wrong with that, you should be flattered , if a guy likes ya face, he's not gonna ask you to put a bahg on ya head, till he gets to know you? look initial attraction is what gets 90% of people talkin, so sorry your good looking so deal with it.
    angelisophia: why should a girl be flattered because she got noticed because of her looks?
    stvn_melody: why wouldnt she?
    angelisophia: i find it insulting because i'm more than just a pretty face
    angelisophia: so the trouble is guys cannot go beyond the physical
    stvn_melody: yes, but you just not gettin it or ya......how can u say that, geeze, if a guy likes the look of u , he'll then wanna get to know you, human instincs, cant change whats been goin on from day 1
    stvn_melody: May I enquire as to your plans for later?
    stvn_melody: Hey sexy
    stvn_melody: I love it when you type real slow
    angelisophia: getting to know her you mean getting her to bed right?
    angelisophia: *smirks*
    stvn_melody: why are you askin me, geeze slow down ive only finished debating with ya, lol
    angelisophia: try again pal
    angelisophia: everything's crashing on your end

    ***** end of conversation*****

    ymsgr: There is no Yahoo! Personals profile for the Yahoo! profile named stvn_melody.

    I've got nothing to hide so I thought I'd document this incident. I do believe in what I told that guy. I did find him offensive so he brought out the bitch in me. Well, I am more wary of guys on the web than the ones I meet in person. I have to admit, I've had an experience of meeting a guy online who turned out to be quite dodgy because I cannot be even sure if he even gave me his real name. And unfortunately, I've had my share of dating men who were just after some snogging action. So far, there's not much difference anyway. It's an even score after all.

    It's sad that I've only been seeing the bad side of men. Perhaps I just attract the wrong kind. I am changing how I see things. I'm in the process of working out a few kinks, re-arranging some principles and shifting some paradigms. It's a lot of work especially since I'm one stubborn chick but I'm pretty optimistic about everything.

    Wow, this blog is therapeutic. I miss my punching bag, though.

    16 November 2005

    First Dates

    I'm not really atuned with how dates go nowadays. All I know is that it's a risky business. You really put yourself on the line whenever you decide to go out with someone. You'll never really know how things can turn out in the end, especially if you're going out with him for the very first time.

    Yea, I just got back from my date. It's nothing really big, just had coffee, took a walk around the lake and made a quick drive and park kind of thing. It's nothing spectacular or anything at all, just good, clean fun. The night was just filled with conversations, which was good enough for me.

    So, is there chemistry then? Uh, I'm not entirely certain but I wouldn't mind seeing him again. He's interesting enough. He's a decade older than I am. He's good looking and has a very athletic build. He thinks I'm pretty so I guess it's safe to say that he found me attractive. And he did express an interest in seeing me again.

    However, I can never be sure with men, sometimes they do say something but means something else. And I'm skeptical about his actual interest in seeing me. I'm debating whether he does genuinely like to get to know me more or he just sees me as an opportunity to get laid.
    My advice: Ha! Don't hold your breath. It's not gonna happen, pal.

    So far, all my first dates with white guys proves my theory about men. As I've expressed before, this surely leaves a sour aftertaste. I even actually told him that the reason I rarely go out with guys is because oftentimes guys simply cannot be trusted. Anyway, I really don't want to come to a hasty conclusion about him just yet. It's just that there are traces of the cynic in me. I'm still going to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and see whether he's for real.

    Several things I've learned are to heed the red flags. If in doubt, stop whatever you're doing and think. And yea, first dates give out indications on what kind of guy he really is and what his motives are. Never romanticize things but always do keep an open mind.

    Oh, boy... I'm having a hard time adjusting. Oh, well. I'm going to be optimistic and believe that it'll be better next time.

    "Shit or get off the pot!"

    What a way to describe getting hitched. I got it from a Chris O'Donnell movie, "The Bachelor." Yea, that's how he proposed to Renee in the movie. Good thing she was in her right mind to refuse his proposal. But of course, they did end up together --- a happy ending.

    It is crude for a guy to say such words in this particular setting. It definitely killed all the romance. Women dream of such moments, and will definitely be furious if their partner acts in such a manner. Uh, unless the girl is so smitten and blinded by the mere opportunity of being proposed to. Oh, joy. I can only wish her all the luck in the world that her married life will end in bliss.

    But somehow if you really look at the phrase, "Shit or get off the pot", you will agree to what it actually means. If you don't mean to do the deed, don't bother sitting on it then. If you never really meant to marry the girl or even take her seriously, then don't get into any relationship with her in the first place. Some other guy will be decent enough to really "shit on it" so to speak. You can take your bad case of constipation somewhere else, I guess. Or better yet, here's some money for a diatab or go see a doctor. Or something worse, take a cold shower.

    New Beginnings

    Starting over. New place. New people. New experiences. It's mind-blowing.

    I just wrote a little something on my personal blog over at Word Press about an upcoming date with a guy I met last Friday. I really don't know him that well but that's what dates are for, right? It's to get to know someone better. Dear me, I'm a tad bit scared about it. It's like meeting up with a stranger. Anyway, I'm hoping that I'll have fun.

    Which reminds me, I still need to write something about the manner on how I met him but that's a totally different story that's worth the wait, I guess.