11 December 2005

One-Track Mind

Is it really true that men have only one thing on their mind when it comes to women? It's horrible if it's true.

I already wrote something about this a while ago and it's found here. And I just read it again today when someone left a comment. It's funny how he claims that apparently guys suffer the same ordeal that girls do. Well, if we're talking about looking for a good or right partner, that is. I'm sure men aren't troubled with being targeted by women who are just after the physical pleasures of dating or are they?. Haha.

I'm not going to say that it's easier for men to date even if they hardly do get emotionally attached to the women they go out with. It's just that if I try to speak for all the women out there, though I might misrepresent a number of them, I reckon it's unfair and hurtful to be treated like an object and be subjected to ridicule when seduced. We are often labeled as stupid idiots for trusting a guy too much or too little. It's confusingly frustrating to play the game of cat and mouse, more commonly known as dating. Hehe.

It's heart-breaking, really. If you grew up thinking that men are like the princes in faerie tales and love stories have the "happily ever after" endings, then waking up to the realities of dating and relationships will really break your illusion of what love is. Or perhaps it's better that way, huh?

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