29 September 2007

Everyday Conversation

I don't exactly know how to describe what I'm going through right now. I just went through a lot of shit in the past few months and never expected to find love at this time. But they say, it usually comes during the least time you expect it. And I never expected it to come from the person I thought would make a great partner because he is my best friend (best friends are supposedly hands off right?).

This is definitely so different from all my past loves. The past ones were very much like a night out in town. Noisy, bizarre, smoky, with no direction. Yes, just like being in a bar and being drunk. But this is so much different.

He makes me calm. Smile. Laugh. And I know he will always be there. That's why there were no ifs or buts. Just Yes.

I've killed "You are Not the One", I'm replacing it with Conversations.

Life, after all, is a path filled up everyday with conversations.