26 March 2007

Some things never change. Gawd!

Gawd. And I mean, GAWD!

I should say I'm not surprised. He was like that before, so, I guess he didn't change that bit about himself.

Can you believe he's asking me to pay up? A 5-year old debt. Even when he said I didn't have to pay it anymore. He's singing a different tune now. Again, I say, GAWD!

Know what I said? "If you're asking me to pay, I will. I'll pay you in full." The audacity of the man is despicable. I'm astounded. After four years of silence then he's back in the picture and he starts off with financial issues! Gawd.

That certainly made me think that there's nothing to regret. Nothing at all.

25 March 2007

Why curiosity may have just killed the cat

I know I made a mistake in adding him to my instant messaging contact list. Darnit. Why did I do such a thing? I'm no masochist. A little stupid, I guess, but I am not immune to the hurt. Hell, I even think that it haunts me at times. A plague I can't seem to shake off.


Curiosity. Schmosity. Bleh. WTF was I thinking? I know now why it may have killed the cat. Sheesh.

No matter in what angle I try to look at the situation, I'm simply being foolish. Stupid fool. Grrr.

I just might end up hurting someone dear to me. Even without meaning to. I'm real sorry.


Quit it and just shut up now, Sash. Heh.

22 March 2007

Recurring Past

It's unsettling.

What is?

Seeing that the past is somewhat merging with the present. Seeing that he's around and not to mention, online, it feels, uh, unsettling.

I know it's over. I made sure that I moved on. Three years of my life was spent on it so I think I've earned every right to say that I have, indeed, moved on.

It's just weird that the guy I know (well, used to I guess) who's not into the whole online social networking scene and what not has found me and left traces of him.

He has this knack of showing up whenever I'm (desperately trying to) moving farther away from him --- seemingly like he refuses to get left behind.

It's unsettling.