25 March 2007

Why curiosity may have just killed the cat

I know I made a mistake in adding him to my instant messaging contact list. Darnit. Why did I do such a thing? I'm no masochist. A little stupid, I guess, but I am not immune to the hurt. Hell, I even think that it haunts me at times. A plague I can't seem to shake off.


Curiosity. Schmosity. Bleh. WTF was I thinking? I know now why it may have killed the cat. Sheesh.

No matter in what angle I try to look at the situation, I'm simply being foolish. Stupid fool. Grrr.

I just might end up hurting someone dear to me. Even without meaning to. I'm real sorry.


Quit it and just shut up now, Sash. Heh.

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