05 June 2008


Death is inevitable.

It's something that we'd face soon.

Someone just did. :'(

And the grief ain't sinking in, not just yet.

Another DABDA experience for the family.

04 June 2008

Senility: A Slow and Painful Death.

Not every heartbreak is caused by a wrecked love life.

Fact is, there are certain circumstances that transpire to our lives make us feel insecure, or worse, miserable. There's this imminent fear that gives us this unbearable heartache and despondence.

One thing that I fear most is losing a loved one.

It's not that I'm morbid or something. I know this person I endear most is already way past old age. Consider 70 as the number. Recently, the person got sick. It's heart-breaking to see this person complaining about his/her tortuous back pain first thing in the morning. I'm not really used to wake up during AM specially if I don't have work on such day, but the wailing shatters me from my slumber.

People tend to get sicker and sicker as they grow old. I guess, it's because of old age that every body part begins to malfunction. Bones begin to brittle. Organs begin to fail. Carcinogens begin to multiply. The immune system begins to shut down which makes them more susceptible to infection than their heydays.

Causes may be idiopathic. But heck, of course, it's brought by senility.

Senility is a slow and painful death. :'(

Worry no more, the person is okay for now. The doctor didn't find something chronic. Now, I can breathe easier.