22 August 2009

There is Rhyme and Reason

So I met someone who captured my interest. Attractive and smart. Friendly, too.

It was the first time after a long while that I was glued to where I was. Wanting to savour the opportunity of spending time getting to know this guy. I remember actually talking to myself as I tried to settle on a decision. I knew I had to leave real soon but I so wanted to stay and see where it'll go.

But he's off limits.

Twas only later on that I had pieced things together. A friend saw him first and had already told me about him. And that's that.

It was great meeting him though. Looking back, things made sense. It's true. Everything happens for a reason.

16 February 2009


"I'm walking away." I said. "I'm walking away because I don't know how to respond to what you've just said. It came suddenly --- perhaps too late. I don't know. I guess that's why I need to walk away. I need to figure it out."

13 February 2009


I saw you.

I paused.

I looked --- and, I mean, really looked.

Memories so sweet and warm started to trickle in.

I then knew it's time.

Move on to the next photo, please.

But it doesn't change one fact.

I miss you.

And I blame that darn cupid.

Makes me want to swear off Valentine's for good. Pah.

26 January 2009

One Crush, Two Crush

Been a while since I smiled like this. Been a while since I melted in a pair of eyes. Been a while since I thought of you. Been a while since I blushed like a schoolgirl.

These trips to Australia ushers in a multitude of coincidences. I can only laugh at the silliness. But, one thing's for sure, it certainly makes my so-called love life a whole lot more interestingly colourful.

Re-runs and predictable tactics. It feels like all I need to do is sit back and simply watch everything unfold.