30 May 2008

Why do I watch TV too much lately?

Hey, how about drawing some inspiration from what you watch?

I said to myself. I have been spending some alone time lately, well not because of me getting so emo or me trying to fix a broken heart. It's just I got lazy of going out or reaching out to people coz I'm so dead-busy. That's why I need to take a break and detach from the world for a little while. ;)

Yeah right, you can consider the aforementioned reasons to be true. Hence, I guess I got so stressed that I wanna spend my whole day at home, mostly lying on the bed taking a breather.

To cut the crap, here are the characters/TV personalities I love:

Dr. Gregory House - the modern "Sherlock". I love witty people who use deductive reasoning (in this case, in a differential diagnosis) to solve something. His immature, cynical attitude is rather funny. He's a mean jerk, loves insulting people and rationalizing everything even the unexplained according to "his" own doctrine. Oh well, he's so smart, he's too good for words. :P

Jesse Spencer - the one who plays Dr. Chase in House MD series. Jesse Spencer's such a looker. I love his Aussie accent to boot.

David Cook - I've never been an AI fan. :P Yet, watching David Cook perform til the finale is heart-melting. I super love his somewhat husky voice, his "grunge" looks (like Cobain's) and the way he sings/performs on the stage. Haay, the cuteness factor is mesmerizing.

Gil Grissom - I love him when he looks curious. Another Sherlock in the making. He looks like a deadpan emotionless person and more into philosophical/theological beliefs.

Tony Parker - I only watch NBA because of him. Ha-ha, San Antonio Spurs has a looker. Eva Longoria must be so lucky.

Oh well, I'm still in search for more series and for more personalities. The TV and the DVD player must be complaining.

28 May 2008

Do preferences matter?

I seem to be doing pretty well and feeling pretty fine after some woeful state of emotional plight. Amidst all heartaches and breakups (and breakouts. lol.) that annoy me greatly, I have found myself a new predilection--watching something worth learning for. Okay, so it may seem to be emotionally unpleasant since the protagonist is a cynic and a misanthrope. Translation? He's one heck of an apathetic jerk! Nevertheless, I like him...like a lot!

There are so many wonderful traits I really admire. Like, I am really attracted to nice people, someone who can treat people with utmost respect and appreciates them 24/7. Don't get me wrong, 24/7 is hella metaphor! :P I used to be attracted to someone who cares, respects and appreciates me most of the time. I guess I'm not fond of a looker, someone who looks or dresses in a gorgeous manner.

I got involved in geeks, in Christians, in nice and simple people. Little did I know is that there's so much to this preference that one person cannot be perfectly nice alone. I should've realized to take heed of my aversions. But then, nobody's perfect. So I guess, it's a matter of trying to live up with such aversion. :)

So, do preferences matter? Yes and No. Yes, because I am able to have this cheat sheet, a blueprint that guides me throughout all this dating and getting-to-know-you thingy. No, because sometimes going through this list may be bias. Hell, it doesn't mean that a great looking person cannot be nice or smart at all. It also doesn't mean that an average-looking John Doe who thinks big like Isaac Newton (a genius god-fearing person, for instance) is really a perfectly nice and down-to-earth person at all. Here comes the actual stereotyping, which can really, really be bad and may backfire to a very revolting choice in return.

Lesson learned: Preferences are helpful guides that lead along the way, not cutthroat rules to adamantly follow.

27 May 2008

I'm not stupid.

Disclaimer: This is not love life per se. It has nothing to do with my previous posts. ;) Nevertheless, it has something to do with a person.

I can read between the lines. Oftentimes, I play "innocent".

But, bear in mind that I'm not stupid. And if this reticence still persists, do you think I couldn't care less?

Try me. I can be a sociopath should you think so.

25 May 2008


That's all I can muster up to say.