28 May 2008

Do preferences matter?

I seem to be doing pretty well and feeling pretty fine after some woeful state of emotional plight. Amidst all heartaches and breakups (and breakouts. lol.) that annoy me greatly, I have found myself a new predilection--watching something worth learning for. Okay, so it may seem to be emotionally unpleasant since the protagonist is a cynic and a misanthrope. Translation? He's one heck of an apathetic jerk! Nevertheless, I like him...like a lot!

There are so many wonderful traits I really admire. Like, I am really attracted to nice people, someone who can treat people with utmost respect and appreciates them 24/7. Don't get me wrong, 24/7 is hella metaphor! :P I used to be attracted to someone who cares, respects and appreciates me most of the time. I guess I'm not fond of a looker, someone who looks or dresses in a gorgeous manner.

I got involved in geeks, in Christians, in nice and simple people. Little did I know is that there's so much to this preference that one person cannot be perfectly nice alone. I should've realized to take heed of my aversions. But then, nobody's perfect. So I guess, it's a matter of trying to live up with such aversion. :)

So, do preferences matter? Yes and No. Yes, because I am able to have this cheat sheet, a blueprint that guides me throughout all this dating and getting-to-know-you thingy. No, because sometimes going through this list may be bias. Hell, it doesn't mean that a great looking person cannot be nice or smart at all. It also doesn't mean that an average-looking John Doe who thinks big like Isaac Newton (a genius god-fearing person, for instance) is really a perfectly nice and down-to-earth person at all. Here comes the actual stereotyping, which can really, really be bad and may backfire to a very revolting choice in return.

Lesson learned: Preferences are helpful guides that lead along the way, not cutthroat rules to adamantly follow.

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