05 December 2005

Patience is not a virtue

... that I have. Hehe.

Well, at least, not yet. I believe it'll take a lifetime to learn it. You know why? I reckon when you're dead, that's the only time you can actually admit that you've reached the end. It's similar to what Plato said,
"Only the dead will see the end of the war." --- PLATO
I just came across it last night when I caught the movie, Black Hawk Down, on telly. Interesting thought, eh?

Yea, I know I'm being literal but what can I say? It is frustrating not to be a patient person. Especially if it feels like that you've been waiting for that certain something since God knows when and you've tried to sit tight and just let things happen.

Well, I am trying you know but it is difficult at times. Being patient, I mean. So, this is one of those days when I'm ranting about how time flies by too quickly for some things and too slow for others. All I can do is sigh in resignation. There's not much I can do after all.

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