08 December 2005

Clingy Men

I don't know about other women but I'm not very keen on clingy men. I find them too, uh, sticky for lack of a better term. Teehee. They come across as being too soft to be a real man. I guess I prefer my man to be the "strong, bad boy type" which sometimes spells trouble most of the time. Sheesh.

Anyway, to further elaborate on the clingy-ness of a man, I'd define it as something -- er, someone who's too mushy. Man, shouldn't that be reserved for women? The female specie are the ones who are expected to be extra sweet and uh, let's say, gooey. Hahaha. Well, I've always thought so anyway.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I like my man to be less dependent on me for attention. Don't get me wrong, I like getting his attention, putting emphasis on 'getting', which signifies the action needed to acquire such. I see it as a challenge on my part and once I get what I want, I like the satisfying feeling of getting it. This also means that the guy will be willing to give it, too, of course.

It is hard to peg, the over-all personality of the guy I like, I mean. It boils down to his principles in life, I believe. I'm thinking that the more he has experienced life and explored the world, the more he has to offer me. And I reckon, the more the guy can surprise me, the more I'd find him attractive. Oh, well. Where is he? Hehe.

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