16 December 2005

Fact or Myth: Women are High Maintenance Creatures

It has been in my mind time and time again. Is it really true that men really believe that all females are high maintenance people, relationship-wise? Why do I keep hearing guys describe women this way claiming that this is one of the major reasons for not considering a relationship with them? I am baffled.

What I do know to be a fact is that women are known to be emotional creatures. They will forever search for that connection with men. Seeking the warmth and attention, a.k.a. Love, that a male partner can accordingly give based on the level of need. Yes, unfortunately, it can be subjective. Teehee.

I want to argue that not all women are materialistic or, to put it more crudely, gold-diggers. I believe most are just individuals who have simple needs and money, though hard to believe, is irrelevant. However, there are the ones who see money-clad men seemingly angelic and satisfyingly charming like all princes in faerie tales. Of course, all princes are undoubtedly rich, right? I reckon these women simply just dream to be princesses. Oh, if only faerie tales are true. Hehe.

However, if I try to look at it in a different angle, I can't help but ask, is it wrong to be practical? Should this want for money create a malicious reputation for the girl? And if you are living a comfortable life, or a luxurious one for that matter, will you choose to be with someone who will fail to provide such things over someone who won't? Love should be present within the relationship, I'm sure you'd tell me, but what if it is without question that you do love both equally and the decision is on your consideration of the financial capabilities of these men?

Dilemma. Dilemma.

Case in point, women in relationships don't really look at the money but on what the entire package is. Sure, a man with dough has an advantage but it will not seal the deal on the spot. The wisdom of it is money cannot give you the satisfation of waking up next to the man you want to look at lying next to you every morning for the rest of your life nor the man you want to embrace into your life, knowing he can support you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. A real commitment is, after all, a union of kindred spirits, mutual friendship and trust, and over-all compatibility and it's not just about paper and plastic, conjugal property and social status. If it is the latter, which a woman will find more important then you can go ahead and classify her under the "High Maintenance Creatures" list and I pity the man who is blinded by her charm [and believe me, they will come wrapped in ribbons and frills] and who refuse to heed reason, thus, he ends up with her. Hahaha.

Ack. It's safe not to make generalisations and assumptions. Consider the subject dropped. Hehe.

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