23 November 2005

One Fine Date

I just had to write about this date I had with a mid-twenty-ish Irish Brit who happens to look like Colin Farrell but to my brother-in-law, it's Herschel Gibbs of South Africa's Cricket Team. No, I'm not kidding. I met him a month ago when he came up to me in Norwood and introduced himself and this date I'm referring to happened a few weeks ago.

He took me to Hindmarsh Stadium to watch a real Soccer match. It was so special since it was my first time to see one. Thinking about it makes me wish I can go see the match this coming Sunday. Oh, well.

I wrote something about the experience here and now I'm writing about the "date" part, I guess. You should see the smirk I have on my face as I write this and the occasional laugh. Anyway, I'm not going to dwell on the guy but on my thoughts about the entire date per se.

Overall Date Rating: 3½ smilies
    It's a novel experience for someone like me and I sure had fun, I'll give it that and the company wasn't so bad. But it wasn't well planned and the weather didn't actually cooperate.

Romance Factor: 3 smilies
    You have to admit, if you think of romance, you'd think of candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach, or anything along this line, not sport-related activities. It's the thought of sharing something new and different with someone you're just getting to know, which gives it the smilies.

Guy Points: 2½ smilies
    He's really interesting, fun to talk to and not bad to look at. The fact that he came up with the idea himself was a good thing. And sports and women don't exactly mix because often times, it's typically something that guys share with their mates so his taking me to it was another good thing. Giving him the halfway mark simply means that he just wasn't able to capture my 100% interest.

Location: 4½ smilies
    The place wasn't shabby, I must admit. It didn't have a stifling kind of atmosphere even with the crowd so it created a fun one. I found the place wonderful because of the over-all effect of the experience on me.

We ended it with a bottle of VB back in the city before saying our farewells for the evening. Yea, it was one of the finest dates I've ever been in. It compensated for what the guy lacked in so many respects but he is a good guy. We were both just heading in different directions.

Ack. I wasn't really considering him now, was I? I am glad it didn't work out. Anyway, I do believe that in every failed attempt comes better options.


  1. Interesting. I'm sure a soccer game was fun but I would never think to take a date to one. There is far too much caviar to enjoy elsewhere. :->

  2. musings: Caviar, eh? Well, going to soccer game was, indeed, fun and I find the thought that the guy actually wanted me to share that experience with him, sweet.