26 November 2005

The List

Earlier, I had a conversation with my sister involving a list. Sounds interesting? Well, to a prospective suitor [mine], he'll definitely love the idea of knowing what I'm looking for in a partner. Makes his job a whole lot easier, huh? Not.

Yea, this list is aptly called, Wanted: A Lifetime Partner. Just for kicks, a silly idea came to mind that I wanted to write down and it's something like this...

Position Applying For : Lifetime Partner [Husband]

Will be reporting directly to : Me [haha!]

Basic Requirements:
    Male, 28-35 years old, Christian, Bachelor's Degree [this means you have to be smart enough to keep up], 5'8" or taller, Healthy and Athletic, Responsible, Resourceful, Creative and Innovative, Excellent Communication Skills [good listening skills, concise and clear speech], Dry, Witty and Sarcastic Humor is acceptable, Excellent Grooming [looks and smells clean], Works with minimal supervision [translation: not a momma's boy], Decisive [means you can make decisions!], Diligent, Results-oriented, Willing to travel when required, Good Driving and Navigation skills is a plus.
Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Effectively deliver and facilitate intelligent conversations in support of dates to ensure superior entertainment; specifically and especially during bad days or PMS periods.

  • Provide basic support for emotional, physical, intellectual and financial needs, and adhere to developed life agenda/timelines and content flow.

  • Advise on continuation of partner's eligibility for suitors.

  • Monitor the relationship progress for the duration of the engagement then continues on to marriage, providing coaching and developmental feedback.

  • Facilitate transition of partner from singleness to married life, ensuring competency levels are sufficient.

  • Maintain updated personal and marital course materials and course masters.

  • Prepare all delivery support tools used during engagement and married life.

  • Understand relationship facilitation, methodology, approaches, and bedroom delivery strategies.

  • Maintain product knowledge for each account by taking and making calls and/or sms, attending and making dates, side by side observations, and healthy monitoring of partner's whereabouts.

  • Research information [not alibis] for each accounted incident by attending partner meetings and periodic calibration sessions.

  • Support and participate in continuous improvement initiatives, as applicable.

  • Participate in special projects or other involvement as required by relationship needs.

Interested and Eligible Suitors are advised to just leave a comment.

Interview invitations and status updates will be posted on the comments section of this entry so please check the blog regularly.

Previous Applicants need not apply.

That was hilarious. I had fun doing that. Teeheehee.


  1. Hilarious. You are your very own Director of Human Resources.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! hey... where does 'remembering birthdates, anniversary date (monthsery dates... hehehe) and other special occasions' fall into? I think you have to really specify this one as guys tend to forget special dates!

  3. jay: i reckon i am!
    maldita: ooohhh.... i forgot about that! i totally agree with you there! hehehe