16 November 2005

First Dates

I'm not really atuned with how dates go nowadays. All I know is that it's a risky business. You really put yourself on the line whenever you decide to go out with someone. You'll never really know how things can turn out in the end, especially if you're going out with him for the very first time.

Yea, I just got back from my date. It's nothing really big, just had coffee, took a walk around the lake and made a quick drive and park kind of thing. It's nothing spectacular or anything at all, just good, clean fun. The night was just filled with conversations, which was good enough for me.

So, is there chemistry then? Uh, I'm not entirely certain but I wouldn't mind seeing him again. He's interesting enough. He's a decade older than I am. He's good looking and has a very athletic build. He thinks I'm pretty so I guess it's safe to say that he found me attractive. And he did express an interest in seeing me again.

However, I can never be sure with men, sometimes they do say something but means something else. And I'm skeptical about his actual interest in seeing me. I'm debating whether he does genuinely like to get to know me more or he just sees me as an opportunity to get laid.
My advice: Ha! Don't hold your breath. It's not gonna happen, pal.

So far, all my first dates with white guys proves my theory about men. As I've expressed before, this surely leaves a sour aftertaste. I even actually told him that the reason I rarely go out with guys is because oftentimes guys simply cannot be trusted. Anyway, I really don't want to come to a hasty conclusion about him just yet. It's just that there are traces of the cynic in me. I'm still going to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and see whether he's for real.

Several things I've learned are to heed the red flags. If in doubt, stop whatever you're doing and think. And yea, first dates give out indications on what kind of guy he really is and what his motives are. Never romanticize things but always do keep an open mind.

Oh, boy... I'm having a hard time adjusting. Oh, well. I'm going to be optimistic and believe that it'll be better next time.

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