28 November 2005

Frida's Story

I attended a barbeque hosted by my brother-in-law's colleague over at Aldinga Beach yesterday. That's where I met Frida. She's a Greek-Aussie, that's an Australian with Greek origins, by the way. She looks forty-ish but is actually 60 years old, married to Blondieª a mother of 2 daughters and with 2 grandchildren. She was fascinating.

I was fortunate to be part of the group to whom she relayed her very cute love story.
Frida grew up in a very traditional Greek Family in Australia, which means they're very conservative and strict. She had 4 other sisters and they werem't allowed to go out with boys. They were oftenly accompanied by their father to wherever they wish to go. The night she saw Blondie was an example of such a situation.

Frida and her sisters, together with their father, went to the cinema. She saw a man with blond hair, which explains the nick name Blondie, and immediately took a liking to him. She was totally smitten, she told us. But the guy didn't notice her at all. Since they were not allowed to chat up any guy, the night passed without any hope of meeting this man. So she went home disappointed but still exhilirated with the feelings she have for this guy,which seem to be growing steadily even if she hardly knew him.

Frida would occasionally see the man around town but failed meet or speak to him for fear of her father. She just spoke of Blondie and her feelings for him to her mom, claiming that she has fallen in love with this man.

Few weeks later, one of her sisters come rushing into the house one day bearing news about who else bought the shop across their house but Blondie, himself. Frida couldn't believe it until she saw him move in and set up the shop, herself. She was deliriously happy.

Soon after the shop opened, she would always make an excuse to buy Fish and Chips from his shop, even if they're having Roast for dinner. She'd claimed that she prefers Fish and Chips instead and of she went to buy them herself. This gave her the opportunity to get to know Blondie better. They graduated from the usual greetings to occasional conversations about each other's interests, one of those were the music that they listen to. He started lending her his albums until she had quite a few in her room that she listens to.

However, here comes the day when Frida's father caught wind of what was going on and went to speak to her about it. Well, it was more like her father telling her that she wasn't allowed to speak to Blondie or go to his shop ever again. She was devasted but she knew she had to obey her father but she requested that she'd return all the Blondie's albums, which were still with her.

And that she did. Frida went to the shop bearing the albums and upon seeing him, she placed them on the counter and said, "I'm just returning your albums. Good-bye." The confused Blondie asked her to wait and tell him what it meant. She couldn't begin to explain but she did her best. He then told her, "You must know that I have feelings for you. And if it's alright with you then I will ask your father for your hand in marriage ." She was 19, he was 21.
And they've been married for 32 years. Amazing, isn't it? Seeing them together yesterday, I can say that they still love each other very much. It was a wonderful sight and very encouraging for a single woman like me.

Yes, folks, this is a true story. Can you imagine meeting your future life partner in the most commonest of places? And even if you are in a hopeless situation, it wouldn't hinder love from happening. Frida and Blondie never went on a date, never had that long-engagement or even have the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but it worked out anyway.

I really enjoyed hearing this story.

ªNot his real name

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