18 November 2005

Anatomy of a Chat

No, I'm not going to dissect what it is to chat. Teeheehee. But I am going to talk about a chatting incident, though.

Have you ever exprienced being bombarded with anonymous IMs while you're online? Ugh. It's highly annoying! What are these guys thinking whenever they do this?

Interestingly though, I took a chance and decided not to ignore one guy from Newcastle, United Kingdom, named Steve. It was one of those features that they have in Yahoo Personals, wherein you can send an IM to another member if you wanted to. That's what he basically did.

However, he was using a different Yahoo ID when he started to chat me up. Let me tell how it went:
stvn_melody is currently not in your Messenger List.
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stvn_melody has selected the "Personals Connect" IMVironment.

stvn_melody: Hi there ,how about a 10 ton polar bear ! ?. If that doesn't break the ice, nothing will.!!, Anyway I'm steve, 28, from newcastle(uk), liked your pic/s and profile, wanna chat?

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stvn_melody: Whaaadddup?!
angelisophia: let me see your profile first then i'll decide
stvn_melody: ok, go onto personals, and search for my user name which is m3ls77
stvn_melody: so? did u find me?
angelisophia: pulled up a profile of a guy from melbourne and not from newcastle[uk]
stvn_melody: well thats coz im not from melbourne, im from newcastle, in the uk, im coming to aust next year, hopefully to find a job and stay there, but hey, nothing ventured nothing gained
angelisophia: sure.. i just wonder why your profile didn't automatically pull up when you IM'd me
stvn_melody: dont, know, maybe its coz im from the uk, so what did u think, wanna talk?
angelisophia: what do i think? i think you're simply trying to con me
stvn_melody: hold on
angelisophia: anyway, aren't we already talking?
stvn_melody: im not trying to con anyone, i wanted to talk thats all
stvn_melody: if u still dont beleive me i'll turn on my web cam, so u can see its me sittin here.......
angelisophia: no worries
angelisophia: talk away
stvn_melody: geeze, or you always this cagey, has someone in the past tried to con u or something?
angelisophia: trying to psycho analyse me now are you?
stvn_melody: yep, sure am, i wanna know all ya bank details, personall adresses, ni number and where you stashed all those diamonds you daringly escaped with from switzerland....lol
stvn_melody: not
stvn_melody: It wasn't me!
angelisophia: okay... that didn't fly you can try again though
stvn_melody: what do you mean by didn't fly me?
angelisophia: the joke
stvn_melody: lol
stvn_melody: so is it safe to talk or are you still a bit......
stvn_melody: Flippy: Growl!
angelisophia: we are already talking or am i just imagining it?
stvn_melody: so tell me, where your from?(origionally) and tell your imagination, to behave, yes we are talking..lol
angelisophia: imagination to steve: quit asking "can we talk now?"
angelisophia: i'm from manila, philippines originally
stvn_melody: and ?
angelisophia: and what?
stvn_melody: now how did i know you were gonna type that, and nothing.....lovely weather dont u think?
stvn_melody: are u gettin those audibles ive sent
angelisophia: depends on what kind of weather you're having..
stvn_melody: rain rain, cold cold and hey, its raining again lol
angelisophia: and you call that lovely weather? *smirks*
stvn_melody: i was onabout yours really, so wanna swop?
angelisophia: whaa--? sorry but i didn't really understand that bit
stvn_melody: Nutty: Sugar High!
stvn_melody: me neither, what i was meanig, was that my weathers is shit, yours is not, so do u wanna swop weathers for a bit(its a joke, just chill will ya)
stvn_melody: It must be really lonely being you.
angelisophia: you think?
angelisophia: let me ask you then
stvn_melody: dont know, tell me?
angelisophia: why did you really decide to chat me up?
stvn_melody: well, your a hot lookin woman...but i dont know how to talk to you, you just seem like your very guarded(no in not tryin to phsco...whatever you out) if you wanna know, then now u do, your a cutie lol
angelisophia: just as i thought
angelisophia: no i'm not conceited
angelisophia: but the only reason guys come up to me is because they see a pretty face
angelisophia: and that's basically it
angelisophia: so what if i'm guarded? i have reason enough. guys cannot really be trusted
angelisophia: guys are guilty until proven innocent --- that's in my book
angelisophia: if they can't take it, sod off
angelisophia: ;)
stvn_melody: so, whats wrong with that, you should be flattered , if a guy likes ya face, he's not gonna ask you to put a bahg on ya head, till he gets to know you? look initial attraction is what gets 90% of people talkin, so sorry your good looking so deal with it.
angelisophia: why should a girl be flattered because she got noticed because of her looks?
stvn_melody: why wouldnt she?
angelisophia: i find it insulting because i'm more than just a pretty face
angelisophia: so the trouble is guys cannot go beyond the physical
stvn_melody: yes, but you just not gettin it or ya......how can u say that, geeze, if a guy likes the look of u , he'll then wanna get to know you, human instincs, cant change whats been goin on from day 1
stvn_melody: May I enquire as to your plans for later?
stvn_melody: Hey sexy
stvn_melody: I love it when you type real slow
angelisophia: getting to know her you mean getting her to bed right?
angelisophia: *smirks*
stvn_melody: why are you askin me, geeze slow down ive only finished debating with ya, lol
angelisophia: try again pal
angelisophia: everything's crashing on your end

***** end of conversation*****

ymsgr: There is no Yahoo! Personals profile for the Yahoo! profile named stvn_melody.

I've got nothing to hide so I thought I'd document this incident. I do believe in what I told that guy. I did find him offensive so he brought out the bitch in me. Well, I am more wary of guys on the web than the ones I meet in person. I have to admit, I've had an experience of meeting a guy online who turned out to be quite dodgy because I cannot be even sure if he even gave me his real name. And unfortunately, I've had my share of dating men who were just after some snogging action. So far, there's not much difference anyway. It's an even score after all.

It's sad that I've only been seeing the bad side of men. Perhaps I just attract the wrong kind. I am changing how I see things. I'm in the process of working out a few kinks, re-arranging some principles and shifting some paradigms. It's a lot of work especially since I'm one stubborn chick but I'm pretty optimistic about everything.

Wow, this blog is therapeutic. I miss my punching bag, though.

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