07 August 2006

News Bit #5

/evil grin

Nah. I changed my mind.

I wanted to put someone on the spot but like I said --- I changed my mind. Ha. See? I'm actually nice, you know. Hehehe.

Well, I just finished this series I've been doing over at Dating Dames and I just wanted to let you guys know about it. [I actually felt sad after finishing the last post yesterday! Crazy, huh?]

Anyway it's mainly for the guys but perhaps you ladies can check it, too, so you can let me know if I missed something. Hahaha.

10 Tips: Becoming A Man's Man.

Tip 1: Be Assertive
Tip 2: Get It Together
Tip 3: Have A Passionate Lifestyle
Tip 4: Be Unfazed
Tip 5: Believe In Yourself
Tip 6: Lose The Cover-Ups
Tip 7: Be A Man
Tip 8: Live The Single Life
Tip 9: Practice Carte Blanche
Tip 10: Prep Up

Well, come on --- read up! You don't know.. you just might pick up a new thing or two. Hahaha.

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