12 August 2006


Can you hear a kiss? Taste a smile? Feel a gaze? See what's uttered?

Picture a life with mixed up senses or better --- everything so intertwined that it's this whole experience of sound, taste, sight and touch. I imagine it should be intensely fantastic.

So, can you blame me if I am in search for something like it?

I'd like to believe that finding and falling for a man with unconditional and unlimited passion is the only way to go about attaining such a state. It beats the highs of career success, joys of material things and the companies of friends or families. Tell me, is it a crime to carry such a belief?

Perhaps that's why it's a difficult endeavour to find a man to share that kind of passion with. My soul seeks the contentment of being with a kindred spirit --- an absolute union of mind, body and soul.

I hold on to this hope that it's not impossible to meet a man who is willing to offer that kiss, that smile, that gaze and tell me that he has, indeed, fallen deeply and passionately in love with me that I can't help but be amazed, grateful and accepting.

And that for me, my friends, is true ecstasy.

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