28 August 2006

Believing Faerie Tales

Most women believe in faerie tale endings.

It's quite tragic really. You go through life believing that you are this lady that quietly lives her life and 'prince charming' will come gallantly one day to sweep you off your feet and rescue you from the gray-ness of life. You think that when he enters your life, you'll be seeing a much colourful life. The sun will shine brighter and the air will taste sweeter. And you'll think everything's... cute.

And then you grow up.

You'll finally see life for what it really is. All you can tell yourself is live it the best you can and deal.

It's either you sink --- or swim. It's entirely up to you. You now know that no one will come to 'rescue' you.

I say blame it on the romanticism presented in films and books. Writers portray love as some magical thing that can end your misery and make you believe that it will complete you. Perhaps it will and perhaps it won't. But it always comes at a price.

Here's what I think, your life is orchestrated to take away as much as it can from you. You'll be forced to think about what you now don't have, hence, you begin to long for such things. You'll spend the rest of your life searching for it since you believe that you're incomplete.

You can get lucky and find someone to complete you. Or if things don't go your way, you'd end up settling for a filler. And it doesn't end there. You now have to 'relate' --- that's a whole lot complicated than being on your own.

Why do love and relationship play an important role in our life? Is it a real need? In order to survive, all we need is food, water and shelter. Why do we concern ourselves with things apart from these 3 things anyway? Why are we built to 'need' companionship? I'm still trying to figure it out.

I just think that people should stop sugar-coating this area in life. People should start thinking that, sometimes, there's nothing poetic about it at all. There's no sonnet or song that can best define what a person goes through in search of it. It doesn't compare to the world's real problems like war, poverty and hunger. Present the facts. Stop using metaphors and hyperboles.

Just tell the friggin' story.

People should see it as it is --- a good story or a bad story. But it's still just a story with an ending --- happily ever after or not.

[No, I'm not having a bad day. Hahaha.]


  1. Once upon a time, girls believe in a prince charming.

    Then they grow up.

    They find out nothing's out there but toads.

  2. Karl: That really cracked me up! Hahaha. Don't be so hard on your own sex. I'm sure there's one exceptional toad out there that can turn back into a prince charming when kissed. Hehehe. :)