10 August 2006

I've been found wanting.

I've been kicking myself mercilessly for the past few days but I've been thinking, too. I've also been writing my heart out. Uh, not totally since you haven't heard a peep from me here.

I've got my reasons.

No, I'm not telling. Heh.

But the important thing is I'm back, right? I'm feeling quite optimistic that I'm a whole lot saner now. Hehehe.

My thinking endeavour basically revolved around these thoughts ---

Why do you regret the words you've uttered?
Is it because it is not reciprocated?
There is no shame in admitting you care for someone.
Especially if it's the truth.

I must have thought about it a thousand times just to make myself remember it --- understand it. And yea, accept it.

It baffles me when I try to understand how other people, who suffer the same fate as I, can actually move forward without changing the way they think about the whole to love and be loved thing. How can you possibly expect someone to fall for you if you don't even know how to receive it.

Yes. I said, receive.

I already know that people are aware of their capacity to love. How much they can sacrifice for that other person, how much they are able to give, yada, yada, yada. But to really ask themselves if they know how to receive the love that someone may offer, is a whole different matter.

Now, I can only laugh at the people who whinge about being single. Please. You don't have the right to complain if you know that it was a choice you made. That's just bloody stupid.

Anyhoo, this is just the ramblings of a rejected soul. Hahaha. Yea, boys. Girls do get rejected, too. [If you missed it --- I was. Pffft.] So, snap out of that "poor me" state and grow some balls. Heh.

Lastly, I really appreciated what a friend told me, "You're a diamond in the rough. Something truly precious. Any man who sees that will be lucky to have you. You'll meet him one day." Awww. Melt. But then again, he is my friend, right? Hahaha.

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