02 April 2007

Bite Me.

I don't want to hear your excuses. It's not like we haven't talked about it.

It's not about what I want and your need to give me what I want, just so you can claim you tried to make me happy. Think about it. Why should I ask for it if it was freely given in the first place? You may be a good guy but, tell me, why wouldn't you want to do it without being asked?

I tried to understand. I tried to see reason behind yours. I already excused the times you even refused me an answer. However, as fate would have it, I finally get it. I can't believe it, at first --- hell, I still can't, actually --- but it's sinking in.

You don't want her to know about me.

If that's love then I'll pass. Thank you, though.

P.S. You can scream/shout at me all you want. I won't hear you. (Fancy that. That's probably why you can do that to me.)


  1. Sometimes, our belief in what is true blinds us to what is reality. If you are content to just believe what fits the previous badness of your life, then you will never find true happiness.

    How is someone to explain himself if everything he says are labeled "excuses"? No wonder he resorts to writing! And if you think that he's saying that it's about what you want only to "cover his tracks," you are very much mistaken. Doesn't love involve giving the loved one what he or she wants? Or such behavior automatically selfish?

    You already know how absent-minded someone can be; don't mistake this for intentional negligence. You already see the pattern: since September, nothing on the site has changed. Nothing at all. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

    Let's take a look at his Friendster site. Again, no changes! Perhaps someone interested in keeping a secret would've been more active with his social networking sites, don't you think? And if consider blog posts where the author took special consideration to highlight a certain paragraph green, is that a sign of secrecy?

    And you know what's really interesting? Despite someone giving full access to everything on his computer and trusting someone else with his passwords--which clearly shows he has nothing to hide--the negative imagination worked its wonder, coming up with something that is inspired by the unhappiness of the past to fit the facts.

    It's also interesting that despite the best efforts of someone to give everything its due: love, career, family, etc., and having limited experience in doing so, they seem never to be enough!

    No one is blaming anyone for such a vehement reaction. What should be destroyed though is the insistence that nothing great or happy comes from life, and that every scrap of good fortune is actually a disguised disaster waiting to happen.