23 April 2007

Best Friends?

I just realized now that I was talking with a new guy friend ala "Sunrise, Sunset" just now. And one of the things that we talked about was, "Can a guy and a girl ever be best friends?"

I said, "Of course!"

He just raised his brow at me, obviously perplexed since he's seen firsthand that it's not true for me - well for my guy friends.

I have guy friends who consider me to be their girl best friend, that's because I do not give them hell whenever they do something stupid like break a girl's heart.

But I have to agree that it's difficult for guys and gals to be best friends. At some point either one would entertain the idea of being in love with the other person. I've been through that many times and I have guy friends who go through it the same way I do - usually ending in disaster and ruining the friendship.

I do believe though that there are friendships that are meant to be platonic, provided that both go through that "I think I'm in love" stage unscathed.

But then, there would always be the possibility and one can never take that out.

Unless he's gay.

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