27 April 2007

Am I a Cold-Hearted B----?

A guy friend asked me several times in the past week, "Aren't you flattered with all the attention you are getting?"


"Aren't you the least bit affected by any of them?"


"How come?"

I think my heart has become like stone. Cold. Freezing. Unbending. Not because I want to be that way, but it was brought about by all the disappointments I've been through. Believe me, I've been disappointed again and again and again. (Endless crap chronicled in my blog).

I do get affected, but I have learned to control my emotions. I keep it locked up and unless you look really closely, you wouldn't even notice there's something going on.

I was surprised with my friend's insight. "You need someone who will be patient enough to win your trust and your love." Precisely! I'm not one to play, and if you think otherwise, then bug off. I'm busy.

That's why whenever someone asks me, "Do you like him?" I don't reply. I will not entertain the thought, unless he starts showing something. Not because I don't want to. I just don't want to get disappointed again.

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