05 April 2007

Horoscopes, Schmoroscopes

Why am I re-posting a Horoscope reading?

Restless? Feeling the need to seek greener pastures? You're not alone. Ever since Jupiter entered Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler and the explorer, on November 23, 2006, we've all been itching to get away. You most likely have pals who've recently fled to some exotic locale or taken serious steps to find a more fulfilling career. If you're been deliberating your own move -- whether it's taking that trip to Mexico or getting an MBA -- it's crucial that you take notice of the next big astrological event: From April 5 to August 6, Jupiter is going retrograde into Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer.

What does this mean for you? Jupiter's movement through Sag means your own moving-and-shaking tendencies are sticking around. However, during the retrograde period, even the most seemingly insignificant of obstacles could throw a long-term monkey wrench into any plans you've made. Sounds sinister, but in actuality this is a positive -- not to mention cyclically natural -- opportunity for you to step back and ensure that your actions are in line with your goals. In addition, fiscal belt-tightening is in your best interest now, so think twice before maxing out your credit cards! Finances often improve when Jupiter turns direct, and new opportunities for advancement and growth will present themselves. That which is inaccessible today will prove unnecessary in the long run; further, the actual withholding will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Speaking of blessings, how you are faring romance-wise will certainly come into play during Jupiter's emotionally charged Sagittarian saga. But don't jump the gun in love just yet! To help you transform ripples into waves and shy away from impulsiveness during the touchy retrograde period...

(it's a marketing plug for some service that site has so I thought it best not to include it. Hehe.)

Retrograde? Does it mean I will regress a bit then go back to normal after a few, say, months? Or does it mean I will re-live a past? Egad. What kind of thoughts am I having. It's terrifying. Gah.

I just wanted to document this one that I got on my email... it somehow says something relevant on things that are significant in my life right now. As much as I don't believe in them horoscopes... this just caused me to pause and think since I do believe that nothing is ever an accident.

There's always a hand behind everything that transpires and reason, on time and relativity.

Thought bubble: I still can't believe I'm a Jupiter...

/shakes her head

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