23 April 2007

Is He More Than a Friend?

I just woke up and my sister immediately sent me a link in Blogthings to take the quiz on "Is He More Than a Friend?". So, I did.

In this day and age, it is much easier to be friends with a guy. Ya know, the platonic type, but then as I said at an earlier post, you'd always come to a point where you'd start asking - are we more than friends?

Call it girl instinct or plain sentido common, but you'd always know when it's more than friendship already. I'm not one to over-analyze situations like my crazy sister, who sifts through SMS messages like it's research data. And I usually get in trouble because I don't analyze at all - and I end up realizing things too late and end up in deep shit and the guy gone.

But then, what if he's resisting you?

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