15 April 2007

I Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

A friend of mine asked me a few days ago, "How come you don't freak out when guys disrespect you. Why do you tolerate it?"

I told him I don't, I just react differently. He looked skeptical and went on to admonish me on being too friendly and accommodating. He said I should be choosy. Another guy friend also told me to be wary.

I finally found the answer. I don't tolerate these things, I just react differently. I'm not one to panic, nor do I cry over stuff that aren't worthy crying over. If something happens and I didn't like it then I would talk to that person and I would tell him straight to his face I didn't like what happened. And then expect me to be distant.

I am friendly because that's my nature. Back in college my philosophy professor asked, "What is your belief? All men are good? Or all men are intrinsically evil?" I've always believed that all men are good, and unless proven otherwise then you're fine by me.

I choose my battles. You are lucky if I give you another chance, but if I don't and you notice I'm distant. Then I'm sorry, there's no turning back.

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