24 January 2006

You Up for Speed?

I'm not referring to the pill, dammit!

Then again, it would have been a better choice than the one that I'm going to tell you about. Nah. I'm just kidding. I say no to drugs. Hahaha.

So what am I really talking about anyway? Well, it's that thing I mentioned in an earlier post about the guy I went out with. Thinking about the guy gives me the creeps. Eeew. Anyhoo, I said something about saving the story on how I met him, exactly. Uh, yea... the word, Speed, has something to with it. Can't you guess?

Oh, alright. It's Speed Dating.

What is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a popularized form of hooking-up in our ever so busy lifestyle. Do you recall a scene from the movie, Hitch, where Will Smith barged in a room full of people, men and women seated across each other, just to talk to Eva Mendes? It was a Speed Dating event.

Can you imagine meeting a number of total strangers and being forced to make a choice after having been given the chance to talk to him/her in certain number of minutes, in my case it was 5 minutes? Talk about dating in the fastlane. It can be likened to agreeing to go out with someone who came up to you in a club. I think the latter is a much better option since he/she may have bought you a drink or two just to talk to you. Unlike the former, where you're required to pay a fee for participating and chances are, you might end up spending 5 hours of your weekend meeting a bunch of guys whom you'd likely never be interested in dating in the first place. Bleh.

Okay, I might be a little harsh on the whole thing. I'm sure some people out there are so glad that this dating phenomenon came around their vicinity.

Why participate then?

It simple really. I'm new in town so what better way to jumpstart my social network? Hahaha. Besides, I went there to play and not be played. Teeheehee. Seriously, it was my sister's idea for a blog topic. I'm the guinea pig since I'm single and she's not. She asked me if I wanted to participate, I just said, "Why not?" There you go.

Were you able to hook up with anyone?

Honestly, I chose three guys out of respect for the organizers. These guys were pretty okay to talk to so I ticked the "yes" box beside their names. I'm not interested to see them romantically, though. Ugh.

To answer the question, yes, I did go out with one guy who asked me out. And no, I'm not going to see him again. Hahaha.

Any funny experience?

The entire thing was hilarious! Whenever I would see a guy approach my table, I really wanted to shout, "Next!" But of course, I was polite and just made the most out of it. Hahaha.

Your most memorable moment then?

Good question. Aha. I know. It was when this tough looking guy sat across me and then after the exchange of names, he went on a tirade of how much he disliked people who judge others poorly. He went on about it, basically telling me that he's one unhappy person. He's even wondering why no one's interested in him. He has lots to offer, he said.

That's one big chip on his shoulder, I thought. I got scared a bit because he was really upset, you see. Though, in the end, I acted like his psychiatrist and asked questions like, "And how do you feel about that?" Teehee. Before the 5 minutes were up, I was able to give him one advise, which is, for him to always look at life positively and always wear a smile. Good, huh?

The guy clearly had a ton of baggages and didn't have a clue that he shouldn't bring it and dump it on his date. I think he should be signed up for Dating for Dummies.

Any last thoughts about the experience you want to share?

It's fun and funny at the same time. It's a great way to explore the dating scene. Word of caution, though, don't take it too seriously. Don't be naive as to think that guys here are going to be a lot more honest and less pretentious. Chances of finding a great guy through this medium is as slim as bumping into him in the supermarket. And yea, I prefer the romance of chance encounters over human-orchestrated meetings.

Love will find you no matter what so just continue doing whatever that is that you do and keep believing that it is written in your stars.


  1. You could always at least have gone for the ever popular psychiatrist cliché: "Tell me about your mother..."

  2. actualfactual: Hahaha. That cracked me up! Perhaps I'll try it given the chance. Hehehe.

  3. my dear have u thought about having another dab at this? by the sounds of it sounds quite interesting *wink*

  4. dj-jerome: Dear me. Horrible idea.

  5. hey dont forget to check out that vintage place i mentioned last time. the one near hungry jacks. let me know what u think.

  6. dj-jerome: no worries. I'll try to do that and will let you know. thanks.