11 January 2006

Call me a lunatic, why don't you?

You'll be reading an entry that contains words and opinions, fictional or otherwise, which may cause offense. You are still free to cease reading my blog, you know. Anyway, you've been warned.

I despise you. I never knew I could despise someone as much as I despise you. You have the audacity to utter godly phrases so soon after an ungodly act. I hope you suffer an esophagus blockage while I write this, you hypocrite.

Crazy, huh? I hate how some people classify other people without giving credit to who they really are. This roll of quarters of a guy claims to have a standard for women he dates and he seems to want to be seen with the right kind of people. Horse shit!

To hell with classes and ethnicity. Does it really matter? If it does then why don't you just stick with the girls who share the same pie-hole as you and just quit messing with me! I know. I know. We're not dating. Thank god for that! How's your half-breed anyway? I'm sure in your head, you're still the dawg.

Fuck! I think I should see a doctor and have my head examined. I'm going nuts!