14 January 2006

Blog Make Over

I'm in the process of changing my blog's look since I have a zero lovelife.


Like it really matters. Hahaha.

Seriously, though. I've been bugging myself to come up with a good blog layout. So, I've been messing around the template these past few days. Believe me, it's frustrating the hell out of me. Like what happened earlier, I was in the middle of inputing the changes in the template and my PC chose that moment to freeze on me. I was, like, no. No. NO! I haven't saved the changes yet! But yes, it shut down and re-started despite all my pleadings. Argh. Stupid piece of machine. Pfft. I had to do everything again. Good thing I was able to save all the stuff I've made in Photoshop or else I'd be pulling my hair off my scalp. Strand by strand.

If only I'm as knowledgeable in the whole dating and relationships thing as I am with using the PC then life would be so much simpler. Hehehe. On second thought, perhaps it just mirrors how I am about the love thing.

Oh, well. I can't have everything. I mean, I truly believe in equal and fair distribution. Otherwise, I wouldn't be blogging about all these. Teeheehee.

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