04 January 2006

Crush-less State of Being

My brother and I were conversing over something he was doing on one of those networking sites available online when it hit me that I still have yet to tease him about his current usage of the said site just because of some girl that I happen to introduce to him a couple of months ago. Hehehe. Well, that's what I was accusing him of. But, of course, I was only teasing.

He said something to me, which I now forget, but I do remember that it made me think of my current state of not crushing on anyone. I find it a bit odd, really. Why? Well, I usually find someone to crush on somehow. However, I reckon this is brought about by my lack of interaction with the outside world. I'm completely out of touch with everything else. No parties or clubbing, not even hanging out with my girlfriends! Ugh. How sad can a social life get?

Uh, well... does crushing on a celebrity count? I currently do have a crush on Harry Kewell. He's a Footballer and he is adorable.

Anyway, it's just been really weird. Tsssch.

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