20 January 2006

Meet the Current Man in my Life!

I met him in Adelaide Airport, 4 months and 9 days ago. It was love at first sight. I knew I was going to love him forever.

I met him when he was only 19 months and 22 days old. He barely could talk then but amazed me this morning when he said "I love you, Tuta." Awww. He can string words together now. Even if he still calls me "Tuta", which translates to puppy in English, instead of "Tita", which means Aunt.

Well, okay. He's the current young man in my life. He's my sweet and adorable nephew. I'm sure people who know me best would tease me mercilessly about my choices in men, particularly, what age range they belong in. Bleh. Like I can control who are attrated to me, right?

Alright. Issue dropped.

Cameron Matthew. It's his birthday today. He just turned two.

Happy Birthday, Baba! "Tuta" loves you, too!

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