23 June 2007

What is Love?

“Love is patient; love is kind
and envies no one.
Love is never
boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
never selfish, not quick to take offense.
There is nothing love cannot face;
there is no limit to its faith,
its hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things
that last
forever: faith, hope, and love;
but the greatest of them all is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:4

I grew up with that Bible verse posted in my room. It was my sister's wall decor and I learned to live by it. I have been disappointed time and time again, but it is really much more disappointing when you are let down by a friend. Especially when he does things that are obviously hurtful. I thought he was a great person, looked up to him even, but his actions lately are just simply hurtful and disapppointing. I guess he hasn't grown up yet.

And I guess he just wanted me for very selfish reasons in the first place. Thank God his true colors came out before I got too deep.

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