04 June 2007

Meet & Welcome Charlene

I should have written this post a long time ago. I owe her that much. But I keep forgetting --- signs of getting old perhaps? Egad.

Charlene's a new friend of mine. She's one of the people I know who thoroughly enjoyed reading Truth + Travesty, yes, she read the entire blog (as far as I know). And I appreciated it to the point that I've opened this blog's doors to her.

We'd talk about love and relationships like we were born of the same mother. She seeks and finds truth amidst all the travesty.

I've been looking for women to join me here and she readily agreed when asked. I know she has a story to tell and lessons to learn, to both I'm sure this blog can cater to.

Truth + Travesty has been a great way for me to find release for all my lunatic tendencies and it has been a good way to organise my thoughts on all things love. I hope it will bring the same things to Charlene, maybe even more.

I hope you guys would give her a listen. She's willing to share her life's story to you, too.

Charlene, keep on hoping, smiling and writing cuz even the worst of things can turn out to be the best, after all.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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