21 June 2007

As if silence will make things right

I'm simply getting drained with all the arguments. Fighting can be good for relationships but, hell, if it's recurring --- to the point that we'd argue about the littlest of things --- you can't blame me if I begin to wonder on the point in all of it.

I was asked this question quite recently, "what are you doing to correct your faults, which contributes to the friction?" I remember responding but only vaguely. I have to admit, I was put on the spot.

All I said was I would try my best to adjust and find some sort of compromise. But I work best if I have someone to discuss things with.

It's been said that I'm unreasonable at times. I'm difficult to talk to esp when I'm pissed off. Sad truth is I am high maintenance, though, not materially but still high maintenance, nonetheless.

How do you deal with somebody who's badly scarred? How do you counter her suspicious nature?

I have a pretty active imagination, you see. I've observed a lot of behaviour that I can use to pattern others with in order to come up with theories, which, unless disproved, will remain true in my book even if it's purely circumstancial.

If you leave me with my own thoughts through your silence then you can throw away the chances of making things right. It's simply because I reckon a problem will not be fixed on its own.

I feel so helpless. I don't know what else to do to get through this. I can't help but ask myself, sometimes, "If this is what it's like now, what will it be like years down the road? Do I really want to be part of something that will only make me feel trapped and unloved?"

Honestly, it's something I didn't expect from someone like him. He's one of the nicest men I've ever met. Seriously. That's why I'm perplexed with what's been happening. And that's why I'm lost and uncertain of what else I can do.

I feel utterly useless.

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