06 July 2007

The Cycle

It's just funny that one minute you think the world of someone and the next minute he does something to disappoint you and POOF! Whatever it was is gone. And then you move on.

And then you see him and think back... what the hell did I see in him in the first place? It is then you see all his flaws, his faults, drawbacks and whatever thing there is not to like in him. And then you think you hate him. Is that so or is that just your bitter self lashing back?

Well, whatever it is, whatever it was, it's all behind me now and there is always no turning back for me. He has decided to hate me. So be it. My Mom also said that guys like that are definitely not worth even a single second of my time.

I have come to realize too that there is a whole world out there and much as I wished it was as easy to Google for "The One", I am sure he will find me (or has he already?).

It's been a cycle. Meeting someone, liking him, getting disappointed, getting over it... meeting someone again... I've given up! But then another one came along... so the cycle begins (I hope with no ending...).

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