24 April 2008

Missing first impressions.

Okay, it's been 2 hours and I'm still not doing something productive.

For 2 hours I've been:

* Stalking a long-lost childhood crush who happens to exist in a social networking site (yet as usual, the status is taken)
* Editing my social networking profile. Again. For the nth time.
* Scanning blogs. Work and Non-work related.
* Listening eternally to Keane.


I must admit, I'm blinded by first impressions.

I was fucked-up, smitten by chivalrous, too-good-to-be-true, gentlemanly acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. This is why, you caught my attention. I took heed in every nanosecond of concern. I wish I could have given back the same amount--tenfold.

The inanity of my cluttered noggin thwarts and hampers me from making sound decisions and resolutions.

I am always hit by skepticism.

That's why, I failed to reciprocate, IMO.

I miss the early times, for the fact that I love being taken care of. Oh, btw, I am still fucked-up smitten, though I believe the amount of giddiness has dwindled since first impressions are not built to last.

Gah. Do I still catch your attention? Me don't think so.

And the best, soundest, wisest resolution that I fin'lly and hopefully conclude is to get over it.

I am moving on.

And what works for me?

Avoidance. Non-existence.

Ah, great! Whatta lame defense mechanism.

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