17 April 2008

And the prospect's taken.

I met this very nice guy last night who's a teacher/instructor based in Thailand.

He is a good-looking guy who's also very smart and loves photography. Mind you, he's not that geeky smart, and the guy doesn't have any "geeky" features to boot (no glasses, no snorting, no passe clothing, etc).

Unfortunately, the guy's taken. Hell yeah, another unlucky streak. :(

Yet, I'm pretty sure he's lucky enough to have that girl 'coz she's very, very nice as well. We just met yesterday and she already gave me a checkered racerback top she got from Siam. 'Twas indeed a touching act of kindness. :P

I love thoughtful people, seriously. I mean, I appreciate the thought of giving more than the receiving. I couldn't care less about the thing being given. Okay, here goes another weakness: I love kind and thoughtful people, specially when it comes from the heart.

They make my heart thaw. :D


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