11 April 2008

Let's try dissecting me.

I'm ultimately boring.

I usually focus too much on one thing at a time, which is usually a very anti-social past time.

My precious gush-worthy moments always end up in tragedy.

I laugh out loud sans the care in the world. LOL like literally. And, I think it's a major turn off to see my mouth opened widely most of the time.

I am, ugh, insensitive most of the time. And, I think passively. I hate to assume too much lest it may end up the other way around and I'm gonna curse myself for being stupid.

I am a somewhat an irrational drama queen when my period's about to hit (call it PMS).

I am *sulk* not sweet. I usually stand there like a stone.

I love to talk about silly stuff, which is somewhat funny (for me).

I love cute things.

I appreciate people who look for me and care for me a lot. I love the feeling~!

I hate insensitive people. I don't bash outright, but I try to vent my anger by means of writing.

I miss childish mushy moments.

Hmm... collectively, I'm so rare that people won't care. :P

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