07 July 2006

Confusing Time

Okay. I'm in sort of a bind... I want out but I can't seem to bring myself to sever ties, which a lot of people seem to think I should do.

What's the dilemma? I still want us [the guy and I] to be friends. Is it a crime? Well, okay --- I know it's not but to most it seems so wrong after what he did. I already raised the topic over at a certain forum to get some more insight on the matter and they basically tell me the same thing.

Honestly, the guy and I talked about this. Surprise. Surprise. He actually wanted to talk about it after cutting me off a few times before. I have to admit, he surprised me even more when I saw that he wanted to work through it and not cover it up. However, I was pissed off at first when he started on the "I can't believe you can think that of me" route. But in the end, he said he was sorry before dropping me off.

God. I'm such a sucker for these machinations. I'm so gullible. But one thing I've learned that night was that I assume too much that it's proving to be unhealthy. A product of a traumatic burn perhaps? Maybe. It's not an excuse, though.


I'm just so confused. Gah.

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