15 July 2006

Misery loves company...

I was having a great night. I just got home from a night-out with my dear friends and was looking forward to working when something shitty happened when I went online.

Quite honestly, he's just a guy that I'm only starting to get to know and I do like talking to him. He's quite a character. However, he happen to ruin a perfectly good night for me and now I can't concentrate enough to actually work. Grrr. I'm seething.

What happened, you ask? Well, this guy wasn't having a good night with valid reason. I totally understood how grave the situation was. However, he started taking his frustration out on me. I didn't want to be affected by his foul mood at first, but to insult my use of the English language? To make sarcastic comments, which were totally uncalled for? I was trying to make him feel better for crying out loud! But to make me feel as if I'm imposing on his time? Gah. Please, I've got better things to do than take all that shit. Mind you, he was the one who initiated contact and I responded because I like talking to him, not knowing that it was a bomb waiting to explode.

Oh, joy. Let's be miserable together.

Hey, you. Did you know that I come from a country that considers English as a second language? However, I happen to be considered proficient enough to profit from writing in English, we work for the same network, right?. Oh, yea --- and I am studying French, too.

And to think I started to tell my friends about this really cool guy I met online earlier this evening. Sigh. Another bubble burst. Good thing he doesn't know I like him. Heh. What are the chances of that ever blossoming now? Pffft. What a waste.

Ah, well. Like I said, a thing lost will be replaced with something way better. But in the words of one of my favourite actresses, Kate Hudson, "How can you lose someone you never had?"

Yes. Never.


  1. My two cents worth: It's good that the guy showed his true color this early.

  2. You're right, Karl. It is good. :)