26 June 2006

Oh, I'm still here alright.

My silence tells you everything, huh? Oh, that I'm not dating at all. Hahaha.

It's all good, though, especially with what recently happened to me with the whole guy-in-your-life thingie. Let me be blunt, sweetie. It was horrible.

I saw this guy yesterday. He almost ruined a fabulous day I was having with my friends. He's the one I was referring to when I wrote about booty calls a while back. Grrr. Being reminded of seeing him makes my blood boil. Anyway, it was the second time I saw him out with a girl -- in broad daylight!

Puh-leeze! I am not jealous. Yech. My point is just that he has the audacity to call himself a "friend" but clearly all he wants from me is -- you probably guessed it -- sex. The selfish son of a bitch! [sorry.. I just had to.]

Hey, little man! Go sleep with those girls you go out with and LEAVE. ME. ALONE.


  1. all he wants from me is -- you probably guessed it -- sex
    ----------hehe, this have become too common. he better leave you alone, yes.

  2. Thanks. I need all the support I can get.

    Great blog by the way. :)