09 March 2006

Let's try to mix up some signals.

I read this post about flirting a week ago and I restrained myself from writing anything about the subject because, honestly, it pisses me off. Pfft. Not the article, alright? The topic.

I've never been good at it. I never thought I had the "gift". I value trust and truth so why would I flirt with the idea of flirting? I do have a way with words. Hehehe. I guess some people have it in them naturally. An aura of friendliness that can be mistaken as flirting. It sucks, I know.

Okay, I'm going to be a teensy-bit more honest now. I have flirted once or twice in my life. Alright, a little more than that and that's all I'm ever going to own up to so don't push it. But going back to my point, I only flirt with people I like. Believe me, that says a lot. I'm way too picky, you see. There are moments when I'm just being friendly then it's mistaken as flirting or vice-versa. It's frustrating, you know.

I recently told a friend of mine that I sometimes do stupid things when I'm bored and with nothing better to do. I'm not really proud of it and I am suffering the consequences of the action. Yea, it has something to do with flirting. Well, my friend knows that I'm very inquisitive and when I focus on something, I tend to get resourceful. And I always prefer the hands-on approach in learning something. And learn I did.

A quick backtrack, I was just utterly curious on what's the fuss about flirting and I often wondered if I can be good at it so I went on a journey of learning. Uh, no. I still don't think I have the gift. I'm too gullible to exercise the craft. I might not do it justice. Regardless of what other people may think. Phooey, you!

Anyway, my point is. In the course of my learning I found out that there are two general intentions why people engage in flirting.

    Because you can. It makes you feel good, you see. It's cool to know that you have that power over someone to believe that you like him/her. These people sing to the tune of Britney's song, "Oopss, I did it again".

    You genuinely like the other person that's why you try and test the waters. This works especially if that person you're flirting with is reciprocating the act. Yes. The feeling's sublime if he or she does.

I guess, my observations are correct if your going to base it on the SIRC Guide to Flirting. How cool is that?

I only use it appropriately and sparingly now. So I can't be blamed for mixing up signals. Teeheehee.

That's my ten cents about this matter.

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