06 March 2006

I'm not putting up with it!

I don't know how they do it. Wives, I mean. How can they deal with seeing the heads of their husbands turn to watch another woman walk by or hearing them say how a certain woman is hot or sexy or whatever. Bleh.

Most of the married women that I have encountered told me that it's normal. Trust is the key. That it's better that you hear it and know about it than having them do it behind your back.


I reckon all the jealous bones in my body will react violently when that happens to me. Is it a crime to want your husband's eyes to look at you and you alone? I really am not enjoying the idea the he'll look at another woman. I'm sure all the married women will tell me, "Oh, expect it to happen. Don't be naive as to think the male specie is any different now as they were before. They haven't changed." Oh, no. Please, God, no.

I'm terrified now. As much as I want to say "I will not put up with it!" I reckon I am destined to suffer the same fate. Ha. An eye for an eye. How horrible. Why is marriage a difficult thing to swallow? Pfft.

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