30 May 2008

Why do I watch TV too much lately?

Hey, how about drawing some inspiration from what you watch?

I said to myself. I have been spending some alone time lately, well not because of me getting so emo or me trying to fix a broken heart. It's just I got lazy of going out or reaching out to people coz I'm so dead-busy. That's why I need to take a break and detach from the world for a little while. ;)

Yeah right, you can consider the aforementioned reasons to be true. Hence, I guess I got so stressed that I wanna spend my whole day at home, mostly lying on the bed taking a breather.

To cut the crap, here are the characters/TV personalities I love:

Dr. Gregory House - the modern "Sherlock". I love witty people who use deductive reasoning (in this case, in a differential diagnosis) to solve something. His immature, cynical attitude is rather funny. He's a mean jerk, loves insulting people and rationalizing everything even the unexplained according to "his" own doctrine. Oh well, he's so smart, he's too good for words. :P

Jesse Spencer - the one who plays Dr. Chase in House MD series. Jesse Spencer's such a looker. I love his Aussie accent to boot.

David Cook - I've never been an AI fan. :P Yet, watching David Cook perform til the finale is heart-melting. I super love his somewhat husky voice, his "grunge" looks (like Cobain's) and the way he sings/performs on the stage. Haay, the cuteness factor is mesmerizing.

Gil Grissom - I love him when he looks curious. Another Sherlock in the making. He looks like a deadpan emotionless person and more into philosophical/theological beliefs.

Tony Parker - I only watch NBA because of him. Ha-ha, San Antonio Spurs has a looker. Eva Longoria must be so lucky.

Oh well, I'm still in search for more series and for more personalities. The TV and the DVD player must be complaining.

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  1. Yes, well, Jeeves, I mean, House, is a master of that arrogant, "I know better" attitude that lots of English men have.
    Yes. He. Is.
    It's what makes us all so lovable. And I do like the idea that Eva Longoria *somehow* managed to snag a good-looking guy. God knows how, of course....