14 May 2007

Believing, Trusting & Living on Second Chances

When I met this guy I held onto this quote,

"Once in a lifetime, you will find a special person who fills the void in your life and completes your soul. If you do, love that someone and never let go or you just might never get the chance again and lose that person forever."

Yea, I was foolish enough to believe in things like these. My views are simple, you see. I'm not the one who'd dream of a prince charming (though wouldn't mind it one bit if he turns out to be charming --- or a prince) but I long to be with someone who can share that same thought.

He may think I'm pushing him away wherein all I've ever felt is that I'm the only one holding on.

* * *

It's funny how we, sometimes, see things with full stops instead of with commas, semi-colons, or ellipses.

In this instance, I learned that life isn't a bunch of letters spanned over years of experience. It's how each finger finds its way to the next letter on the keyboard and thoughts that guide it.

I guess we all pay life the attention it had required only when we face the end of it. Sometimes, it's too late. But --- there are moments wherein it's at the nick of time. If you find yourself having experienced the latter, consider yourself fortunate. Know that you're still living on second chances. Now, you simply have got to learn to believe that you deserve it... and trust that everything will be alright.

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