23 September 2006

Give me kisses any day.

I've been thinking about kisses lately.

I love the kind that leaves you breathless and wanting --- the kind that makes your knees buckle. Teehee. But I also love the sweet, light ones that's so comforting, it makes you want to giggle. Heeheehee.

Oh, the bittersweet sensation that comes from the memory of a first kiss. I say, bittersweet, cuz it probably means that I'm no longer with the guy. Hahaha. But the first kiss is always lovely. I admit that it can be stressful during the minutes as you anticipate it happening but as soon as it does, it's such a delight.

Who would've thought that our lips were created to bring us this much satisfaction?

Amazing. Wonderful.

How I miss it terribly.



  1. I used the "Post A Comment" link to create this comment!

  2. Kisses? I thought you were talking about the chocolate. Just kidding.

    I see you've been experimenting on your site . . .

  3. Karl: LOL! Yea, a little bit. So, how do you like the new look? =)